Vianda allows you to explore recipes and match your interests with your partner and friends With its vast variety of delicious recipes, Vianda not only provides inspiration for your next meal but also puts an end to lengthy discussions on “what to cook tonight?”.

Vianda App description

Vianda works quite simple: 

  1. Download vianda for free on the App Store and create an account
  2. Invite your ‘cooking buddies’ using messages or mail. 
  3. Choose your favourite recipes by swiping to the left or right.
  4. Wait for your ‘cooking buddies’ to make their choice.
  5. Match your favourite recipes in no time! When everybody agrees on a recipe, you have a match and can start cooking! 

App Sceenshots

Create an account in Vianda app Invite your friends to your poll. You can choos multiple polls to be in. Swipe left or right to choose your favourite recipe in Vianda If all cooking buddies agree on a recipe, you will get a match!.

Download - iOS

The app is currently only available in the German App Store. If you are interested in an English version or in Android version of the app, let me know via the contact button on the right.