Train Station in Monterosso al Mare, one of the cities in the Cinque Terre Trenitalia’s trains are arguably the best means of transportation in the Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre, or five lands, are hardly accessible by car, which is why ferries or trains are the preferrable option to get there. Trenitalia is Italy’s train operator and the Trenitalia app is therefore a must-have app for visitors.

Trenitalia App description

The primary function of the Trenitalia app is to get train schedules. The main screen allows you to search for a specific train, see the status of your train or buy a ticket. While I haven’t used the later option (the vending machines are actually great, easy to navigate and available in a plethora of languages), the app was the starting point of most of our trips.

The app also contains access to the CartaFreccia data and balance points, but I doubt that this is useful for travellers.

Don’t be scared of the average rating in the App Store, the app is actually quite usable.


I’ll add a few screenshots soon.

Download - iOS

The US App Store lists only the iPad version, so here is a link to the App on the Italian App Store.

Download - Android

The Trenitalia App is available for Android as well - go to the Play Store to get it.

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